Join us for Ride and Dine from 6pm - 8pm every Wednesday night. Proudly sponsored by Loralee Boucher of Loralee's Hair & Beauty Salon

saplingsessions THE RIDE AND DINE FOR THIS SEASON WILL BEGIN JANUARY 18, 2017.  Meals will be $10/person and the chalet will be open from 6pm - 8pm.  See you at the hill! Join us on Wednesdays!         Tube Park is Now Open for Regular Hours  Saturday noon - 5pm and 6pm-10pm Sunday noon - 4pm Tube Park passes will be available for purchase 15 minutes prior to opening at Guest Services.                   Kamiskotia Snow Resort is open EVERY Saturday 10AM - 4:30pm, and Sunday 10AM - 4PM.   BEGINNING FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Wednesday: 10AM - 3PM Thursdays: 10AM - 3PM Fridays: 10AM - 3PM Saturdays: 10AM - 4:30PM Sundays: 10AM - 4PM The Downhill and Skyway are both open.  See you at the hill.
Small Town Olympic Ski Dreams: The Kreiners of Timmins, Ontario

Memberships can also be purchased at Northern Sports


Freestyle camps this season with Canada's ex Olympic coach

Contact Kamiskotia or Hutch Ski Academy for details



Book the chalet for your wedding or for special events such as Non-Profit Fundraiser.

Kamiskotia is a not-for-profit organization and we know how important it is to continue to fundraise for you cause.

Contact us to see how we can help.

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Please always be prepared for any cold weather. Cover your face with proper attire

and/ or use creams such as Vaseline to help protect from cold conditions.


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